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Walton SW-2 Atomizing Humidifier

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Product Description

This unit is OBSOLETE AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE. The Walton SW-2 Atomizing Humidifier is a high speed centrifugal atomizing type rated at 2 pounds of water per hour. It is constructed of heavy gauge copper, brass and non-ferrous alloy. A heavy duty shaded pole motor with overload protection drives the centrifugal disc and pump assembly to draw water up from the seamless copper reservoir, against breaker combs, producing a finely atomized mist. Rotating parts are electronically balanced to eliminate vibration. An automatic float valve maintains water level in the reservoir. It can be duct mounted to blow the mist into the return air duct system OR wall mounted to control the humidity in a lab or production area. NOTE: This item is obsolete and no longer available.

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